1. 31 things to do indoors in Bahrain

    31 things to do, keeping you busy every day of the month

  2. Bahrain Summer Festival 2015

    What’s on the bill at the Bahrain Summer Festival 2015

  3. Best Bahrain sport bars

    Watch football in Bahrain, plus many more sports to see

  4. Best ice cream in Bahrain

    Bahrain’s most exciting frozen desserts to cool you off

Editor's hot picks



  • Le Sauvage

    We find great quality and value for money at this steakhouse

  • Sato

    Stalwart Japanese restaurant maintains exquisite flavours

  • Wrapiola

    A casual Mexican-inspired restaurant


  • Ant-Man

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe gets its smallest superhero yet

  • Ted 2

    Needless to say, this sequel is every bit as irreverent as the 2012 original

  • Paper Towns

    Another love story that hopelessly romanticizes suburbia, where every late night is an adventure and every pretty girl a unicorn


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