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Bahrain Valentine's Day 2016

  • Celebrating Le Chocolat

    Celebrating Le Chocolat's cakes

    No special occasion is complete without cake. Grab a slice of paradise

  • Mommy Wellness Day Spa

    Mommy Wellness Day Spa

    Someone else will be pampering the mums of Bahrain for a change

  • Arabian Beauty in Bahrain
    Body & Mind

    Arabian Beauty in Bahrain

    The lowdown on a new line of fake eyelashes in Bahrain


  • Bahrain

    Bahrain's best sports bars

    Watch football in Bahrain, plus many more sports to see

  • Best bar food in Bahrain

    Best bar food in Bahrain

    Pub grub and sophisticated bar food for nights out in Bahrain

  • Best afternoon tea in Bahrain

    Best afternoon tea in Bahrain

    Where to find a lovely cup of tea, scones and cake in Bahrai...

  • Must-try video games
    Time In

    Must-try video games

    The biggest game releases between now and the end of the yea...

  • Best burgers in Bahrain

    Best burgers in Bahrain

    Time Out goes in search of the best burgers in Bahrain


  • Must-try desserts

    Must-try desserts

    Baklava, halwa, kunafa, umm alli and more must-try traditional desserts

  • Must-try spa treatments
    Body & Mind

    Must-try spa treatments

    Spa treatments to try at some of Bahrain's best spas


  • Club Buffalo

    Reviews, contact details and more

  • JJ's

    Reviews, contact details and more

  • Cut Lounge

    Reviews, contact details and more

  • Zoe

    Reviews, contact details and more


  • Brooklyn

    Nick Hornby's script of Colm Tóibín’s novel is a worthy Oscar co...

  • Sisters

    Family comedy with comedy superstars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

  • Youth

    Occasionally dazzling film from Italian auteur Paolo Sorrentino s...

  • Dirty Grandpa

    Cheeky family road trip comedy with Zac Efron and Robert De Niro


  • Indoor skydiving in Bahrain

    Head to Zallaq to try the new Gravity Indoor Skydiving facility

  • Best sport of 2016

    Time Out picks the highlights of 2016’s bumper sports package

  • Quit your job become a... personal trainer

    TJ Janowski, 26. The CrossFitter lets us in on the truth about li...

  • 2016 fitness trends

    Wearable technology, barre workouts, fusion sports and more


  • Thalassa Sea & Spa tried & tested

    Experience the benefits of the Thalassa Escape Package

  • Arabian Beauty in Bahrain

    The lowdown on a new line of fake eyelashes in Bahrain

  • Five steps to banish dandruff

    Shampoo, diet, showering and more dandruff-busting tips

  • Slimming spa therapy in Bahrain

    Not a gym bunny but desperate to lose weight? Head to La Fontaine


  • Cool Bahrain T-shirts

    T-shirts created by local artists and inspired by adoration

  • 21 cultural attractions in Bahrain

    Take a journey around 21 of Bahrain’s most culturally rich attrac...

  • Upcycling in Bahrain

    Don't let your household junk go to waste, recycle it and make y...

  • 3 ways to take Bahrain's creativity global

    We speak to Artdivano co-founder Marion Labani about creative Bah...