Location: - Souq
Tel: 17 229 979
Travel: Government Avenue
Times: Open daily 9pm-2am
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  • Jim Anderson Apr 05, 2011 07:30 pm
    When one thinks of BARCODE, one thinks of enlightenment and reaching a higher state of being...

    Lounge | Bar | Pub | Restaurant | Night Club I don't know what tag would suite the best but,

    I LOVE BARCODE! Everything about it...

    Went here a few times, the it-place whenever I'm in Bahrain. Was here for Gong Xi Fa Cai - The Chinese New Year. Very memorable.

    Food: 5 stars

    Delicious! The menu is a fusion between Chinese | Japanese & Thai persuasion. I had a foodgasm from everything I ate, particularly the Chinese dumplings and their house recipe Gin Chicken. Divine.

    Ambiance: 7 stars

    It's dark, classy and very trendy. There is a dress code. You feel you are in Tokyo or Hong Kong's top class lounge. It gets pretty loud because of the club music, that just comes with the territory of being INSIDE OF A CLUB.

    Best Time to Visit:

    6pm - 8pm | Very Chill Out Lounge

    8pm - 10pm | Its more of a Hip Hop | RnB Pub

    10pm - 2am | Is the prime time, It's more of turns into almost like a top class Disco | Pub | Lounge with live entertainment and Dj spinning some of the best House Music and it's good enough to get you in the groove...and it was packed shoulder to shoulder.

    Service: 4 stars.

    Friendly staffs, smart and charming

    The wait for tables to be available on many occasion, its good to get their early. Also a tip is to get reservations by calling in.

    Great club experience, can't wait to go again.

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