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Ramadan healthy eating

  • Tips for achieving mindfulness
    Body & Mind

    Tips for achieving mindfulness

    Time Out enlists the help of health experts in Dubai to bring you tips for achieving mindfulness, su...

  • Jeff Bridges sleeping tapes
    Body & Mind

    Jeff Bridges sleeping tapes

    Time Out reviews the Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes, a new concept by The Dude. Find out if dreamingwit...

  • The spa express
    Body & Mind

    The spa express

    Just as the Formula One zooms into town, we take a look at luxurious speedy services

  • Al Areen Spa
    Body & Mind

    Al Areen Spa

    The world-famous spa offers perhaps the most royal massage facilities...

  • Rimal Spa
    Body & Mind

    Rimal Spa

  • Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Spa
    Body & Mind

    Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Spa

  • Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa
    Body & Mind

    Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa


  • Five star spas
    Body & Mind

    Five star spas

    Refreshing spa treatments from Bahrain’s best spas

  • Must-try spa treatments
    Body & Mind

    Must-try spa treatments

    Spa treatments to try at some of Bahrain's best spas

  • Best hair salons
    Body & Mind

    Best hair salons

    Best hair dressers for hair cuts in Bahrain

  • Alternative workouts
    Body & Mind

    Alternative workouts

    Akido, ballet, paddle boarding and more ways to get fit outs...

  • 10 steps to life improvement
    Body & Mind

    10 steps to life improvement

    Detox, dress well, learn new kitchen skills and more