Al Shafi Alternative Medicine Centre

Relaxation and medical massages for men and women

Location: Janabiya
Tel: 17 610 096
Travel: Janabiya
Times: Open daily 8am-8pm
  • nasreen Nov 01, 2014 10:15 am
    i woul like to have physio treatment for my mom she is 75 plus, i need to know do you have home visit service if yes kindly let me know how can i book and how soon i can have the booking and the charges as well.
  • Naseema Mohd Jan 16, 2011 09:10 am
    i am a banker i sit long number of hours infront of Pc,my weight had increased few years back.i wasnt having a proper posture and plus my sleeping wasnt proper due to which my muscles around my neck and upper back became very stiff.
    I have since then lost alot of weight,i do stretch excercises every single day,i get off every now and then just to avoid getting strained sleep and posture has also improved.
    But however my neck and upper back pain havent gone its with me for 5 years now and i am going through alot of pain.
    i have done many tests and there is no issue with my back bone its only that the muscles are weak.
    doing massage has become apart of my life i do physio therapy plus herbal massages very very oftently.But no improvement.
    Before trying out another massage centre i just want an assurity from your end that what different will u guys do to eradicate my neck,arms,shoulder and upper lower pain.
    I have done everything and seem hopeless.

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