For your average, vaguely discerning viewer, Autopsy should hold little appeal. But what if you’re one of those horror film aficionados, the type of person who memorises body counts and argues over what has been the best brain-splattering special effect of all time? First of all, please make sure you never, ever call us. We’re scared of you. Second, you may want to give the largely unimaginative-sounding Autopsy a look, because according to the gore geeks out there, Gary J. Tunnicliffe’s old-school blood and gore effects, reminiscent of past horror and slasher classics, are, like, totally cool. Otherwise, the idea of yet another film about twinkly-toothed teens getting sliced and diced (this time in a spooky hospital where there’s a bunch of inhumane experiments going on) may be enough to make you commit your own atrocities.


Genre: Horror, Thriller
Released: Oct 29th
Director: Adam Gierasch
Stars: Robert Patrick, Jessica Lowndes, Jenette Goldstein, Michael Bowen
Language: English
Classification: 18+
5 1