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I really want to do my bit for the environment and be a good example to my kids but it’s hard with three little ones to entertain, any ideas?
Well done for thinking about this now as the mess we leave the earth in will affect those we love most... our children. Cheap and fun things that you can do with your kids include:

1. Carpooling is fantastic; it not only saves on pollution, it saves you time and money! Share the school run with a friend or two, perhaps one do the drop off and one for picking up. To find a nearby mum at your school leave a message on school notice or on the Mums in Bahrain forum. This is becoming really popular particularly with working mums or those with no car of their own.

2. Plant vegetables or fruit with your kids. To do this you don’t even need any outside space, a kitchen or bathroom shelf will do. Seeds and soil can be bought from supermarkets or garden centres and empty yogurt pots or other plastic cartons are great pots (kids can decorate too). If you are lucky enough to have a garden plant small fruit trees or fast growing plants like tomatoes. You will be giving the kids a great project, they will learn responsibility (safely!) by being given the task of watering, and you will be doing your bit to improve the terrible air quality.

3. Encourage your budding designers! Old clothes that are no good to hand down to younger kids or friends should not go in the rubbish. A wonderful project for older kids is to learn how to make their own clothes and recycle. Let your kids draw their designs and use the fabric from old clothes to make new! They can make things for themselves or for dolls and you may even find you have a fashion king or queen in the making? Younger children will have fun gluing glitter etc on strips fabric to make hair bands or belts - no sewing required. Any leftovers can be for stuffing pillow cases or for cleaning rags.

I really need a holiday but with my new baby and elderly grandparents to entertain I just don’t know where to go?
How about a cruise? Royal Caribbean Cruises with take you from Bahrain to a number of locations around the Middle East (and beyond if you wish) everyone will be catered for on board and you won’t have to worry about finding things for your family to do. It also means no flights with a newborn, which is always stressful. My other favourite is The Shangri-La in Muscat as it has LOADS of entertainment for kids and teens. Mums in Bahrain also has Family Days at Banyan Tree, Bahrain which is a wonderful day of luxury at an affordable price even if you have a large family.

My son has been getting into fights at school and won’t talk to me about it, what can I do?
There are lots of reasons for this. If he has not done this before then talk to his teachers first to see if something changed at school. Next, look at your home life, does he get enough time with his family or has a long term member of staff left your home? If there is not an obvious reason maybe let him talk to a counsellor as he may open up easier to someone not related. If this has been happening for sometime it’s even more important to face the issue now. Your son may be having some learning issues that may be causing him a great deal of stress and embarrassment. For numbers of therapists or counsellors take a look on the Mums in Bahrain site.
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