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You’re ready for Ramadan, but what about your children? Three mothers give us their tips for the holy month Discuss this article

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• Ramadan is usually a pretty chilled time for my family; I think it is the atmosphere of the whole island, especially during the day. The key to keeping the kids entertained is keeping them busy. I like to give my kids projects to do. It may be asking them to sort out their toys so that we can give any unwanted items away, or getting them to make lists of things they want to do. The lists help as they usually come up with better ideas to keep them occupied than I do. Usually I would take the kids to the pool, but as it will be so hot and you can’t drink outside, this doesn’t really make a lot of sense, so I might let them have fun making a lot of mess in the garden with water toys.

If you’re taking the kids out during the day, it’s best not to take them to places which they associate with food, for example, my kids equate going to Bahrain City Centre (for any reason) with a trip to the ice cream shop. I think this is a good time to take them to cool, calm places like the museum to teach them a bit about the culture they are living in. Also, we like to make food to give to our neighbours and the children always love making cakes or helping to chop and grate things. At night time, we often go for a walk in the local garden. Of course, the malls are buzzing and there are usually special things on for children. There is a really calm, community atmosphere during Ramadan. Having said all that, sometimes it is nice to have an excuse to stay in the house together and just hang out and watch a movie.
Lynn Holleran

• During the holy month of Ramadan, we usually take time to visit Al Fateh Grand Mosque where non-Muslims are also welcome. This year will be no different as we’ll take Nyall, my two-year old son, to see its exquisite architecture and grandeur. As fasting is being observed during the daylight hours, we try to keep his public eating and drinking to a minimum. For a bit more fun and play, we are signing him up to playgroups. Sing & Sign (17 592 096) located in Budaiya, teaches communication through music, sign language and dance. My Gym (17 566 566) in Seef District offers different classes and groups for listening, learning, and for workouts. Lovella Ajay

• During Ramadan many families may ask themselves what they can do as a family during this period? Some may think there are not many things to do, but you might be surprised – there are many options. As a non-Muslim family it is a great idea to take this time to introduce Ramadan to children, explain the spiritual meaning, the background, and the rules. Many of the four and five-star hotels provide Iftar buffets that are served from sunset onwards, and this is a good chance to experience traditional Arabic food, live entertainment and music.

Wahooo! Water Park (17 173 000) and the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park (17 845 100) are also excellent places to take children. The latter also holds Dive In movies, as well as Iftar and Gabgha tents for all the family. The shopping malls are open until 1am. This is also a good time to spend time at home with the kids, whether playing games as a family or using the time to educate them in a fun way. There is no reason why this holy month should not be an interesting experience for all the family whether Muslim or non-Muslim.
Jeanette Saliba

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