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What with the new school terms approaching at speed, Claire and Ghada are on hand to impart some useful tips to ensure the new school term starts smoothly Discuss this article

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So the new school term is upon us and while I’m sure that most families are looking forward to get back into a routine, the rush to get school equipment and to get your kids prepared can be stressful if you are not organised. Here are a few top tips along with a check list of must-have items for a happy start of term

10 days before school term starts make sure you...

• Check medical forms and include doctors notes if your child has medical requirements

• Move bed time – kids will have been up later during the holidays and an early start will mean grumpy mornings, so start to move their bedtime 10mins a night until its back to ‘school hours’

• Pick up/drop off/wrap around care: time to put together a schedule of who drops off and picks up the kids. Maybe share this task with another parent with kids in your child’s class as this will save time, energy and is environmentally friendly! For working parents this is very important. Check with your child’s school to see if they offer ‘wrap around care’ which is the option for your kids to do an activity after school until you finish work.

• Buy a tray for forms and homework. When school starts all the homework notes, letters, forms and party invitations start too! To avoid losing them or having your kids dropping them about your house, have a tray near the front door where all of these can be left.

• Update your diary – take a few minutes to sit down and fill in all the term dates, holidays, important birthdays, medical appointments etc. on a wall calendar or handbag diary.

• Have a practise run – if you are starting at a new school or have moved house,do a practise run to find the best route and see how long it takes. Getting stuck in traffic on the first day can turn into a nightmare with moody kids in the back seat!

• Try on uniforms – you may find some items from last term are still ok and if they are too small or not looking their best, pass them on or sell them on MIB classifieds for free:

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