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Just when you thought kids weren’t being spoiled enough, along comes sparties – spa parties for children! Discuss this article

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Sparties are a great idea. What has been the reaction among the kids?
Spectacular! It is the kids in particular that are so entertained by this new ‘sparty’ concept. It’s like no other party they’ve attended before.

And what about the parents?
Parents love to see their kids’ excitement. Mothers are always searching for new ideas to make their daughter’s day extra special, and because our parties are tailored, no one event is ever the same. Mother and daughter choose which treatment stations they’d like, we then come in and transform their home space according to what they want, so it’s always a very unique experience.

You cater for children as young as three. What spa treatments do you recommend for three year olds?
Three year olds don’t receive spa ‘treatments’ as such, but very special attention. There’s the Manicure Station, where we apply fancy and colourful nail varnish (obviously no cuticle work is performed!). Another popular option is the Glitter Tattoo Station, where designs are chosen with glittery effects. The Hair Station is great too, where we bring along special ‘Glowbys’ hair lights as a cool styling effect.

Spa treatments tend to be anti-aging. I’m guessing none of the children at a sparty are hoping for that. So what is the focus of your treatments?
Our focus is simple – an extra special day for the girls. It’s their day to feel like princesses. Our masks for example are 100 percent natural, made from yoghurts and fruit. It’s a day for lots of fun and on top of that, visually gorgeous for memorable photos.

Is there anything that the therapists do differently in the sparty to a real life spa?
Well, particularly for kids’ sparties, we like to create a ‘wow factor’. To do this we use lots of quirky accessories like our specially designed station backdrops, the cutest little pink chairs for manicures and hair styling, and a beautiful customised net for the massage bed. Our pink silk robes and pink head towels bring further feel to that of a ‘spa’ and the girls just love it.

You also run The Mobile Spa. What is the difference between providing spa treatments to children and providing treatments to adults?
Our sparty packages depend on age and number of guests. For children, a lot of our products act almost like props, to create the ‘feel’ of a spa environment, and are 100% natural. For older women, our packages are tailored to suit particular requests, all in all providing a range of luxurious beauty treatments.

Some parents might view this as the ultimate indulgence. How do you respond to charges that you are spoiling the kids and creating a generation of brats?

It’s unlikely we’ll ever receive such charges. Our kids’ sparties are about fun, for a special occasion - along with full parental consent. Most of us girls can recall a time when we tried on our mothers’ high heels, played dress up and did a song and dance in front of the mirror. It’s a natural female instinct, and not at all an indulgence. There’s nothing wrong in celebrating the little diva in us once in a while.

How many children can you cope with per party?
We recently hosted a party for 40, and can go up or down, as required.

How many therapists do you have on hand? Do the organising parents have to be there too?
We provide one therapist per station booked; a good number to go for usually, depending on numbers, would be four to five. We prefer there to be adult supervision of some kind.

What special occasions do you normally cover?
We’ve done bridal and baby showers, birthdays and many simple gatherings for women who just fancy a treat together, like ‘botox parties’ for example, made famous by LA housewives (except we don’t do botox!). We’ve also worked on several corporate events.

So how much does all this cost?
For adult sparties we have three packages with a number of options to choose from, costing between BD20 and BD35 per head. For kids sparties we charge an hourly fee per station booked: 50BD for the first hour and 25BD thereafter.

How can I book?
Simply call us on 17 777 444 or email You can also visit our facebook page:

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