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Kid-friendly websites can provide hours of entertainment and, importantly, familiarise little ones with the world of the internet. If you think your tot is too tiny for technology, then think again. We found sites designed to entertain nippers as young as nine months, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly toddlers become au fait with using a mouse. There are hundreds of good websites out there, but after some serious surfing, we’ve picked a handful of our favourites to amuse your budding IT gurus.
Ideal for Babies and toddlers.
The lowdown This site bills itself as ‘a whole lotta fun for the itty bitty ones’ and we’re inclined to agree. It’s a perfect introduction to the world of computers for babies (the creator designed it for his nine-month-old!). Hit – or ideally tap – any key and the games commence with vivid and very simple graphics that introduce babies to colours, sounds, shapes and, when they’re ready, letters and numbers.

We love The colourful animated kneebouncer characters such as Horatio the Happy Hippo. As wise as he is happy.
Like this? Log onto... The infant games are really cute.
Ideal for Six-year-olds and under.
The lowdown Endless activities, stories, games and songs can be found on this BBC website. Kids will interact with some of their favourite television characters – like helping Bob the Builder create a playground in the Play Games section; or listening to a Charlie and Lola story in the Story section. In the Make and Colour area there are loads of crafty activities with step-by-step instructions – we’re big fans of the coconut heads – and realms of printouts for crazy colouring. However, some of the stories and all of the Watch and Listen section are inaccessible from Bahrain because BBC iPlayer is not available in this region – but that’s not such a bad thing because it stops the site becoming a glorified television.
We love The Big & Small game. Make a racket with a tuba, violin and clarinet.
Like this? Log onto... Full of Disney magic, making learning fun.
Ideal for Preschoolers to 13-year-olds.
The lowdown
Jam-packed with puzzles such as spot the difference, word searches, hangman and noughts and crosses. Games are categorised by age with toddler games developing mouse control and focusing on matching pairs and colour recognition. Puzzles become more advanced for older children, and we were blown up several times during wordbomb hangman.

We love The pixie painting section. Kids can make as much online mess as they like with a great selection of bright colours and different-sized virtual brushes. Their creation can then be posted on-line, so family and friends back home can admire the finished masterpiece.
Like this? Log onto... Fun brainteasers and games featuring our furry friends, with a shop of the same name in Bahrain City Centre Mall.
Ideal for Seven-year-olds and up.
The lowdown The venue for this virtual playground is a snow-covered island where kids create their own penguins, dress them up, play games, explore the South Pole and chat to other penguins in their first introduction to social networking. Be warned though, it’s a real time stealer and parents will have to limit usage because it’s so addictive.
We love The fabulously colourful graphics. Plus, it’s safe with lots of parental control features.
Like this? Log onto...

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