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This month it’s giving birth and babies. For some, one of the most daunting experiences is giving birth, and this anxiety is even worse when you are living away from family and friends. Happily we have lots of great info from the experts, local ladies and long term expats. Here in Bahrain you will be spoilt for choice when looking for a good doctor to deliver your baby, and based on their replies, this is what our members recommend:

Awali Hospital is most recommended for non-complicated births as their small homely feel is popular with mums that have no complications expected, as they do not have the facility to operate should the worst happen.
The Bahrain Specialist Hospital is very popular for more complicated pregnancies, nervous parents and boasts good facilities. The American Missionary Hospital also got a glowing review for their new facilities available.

Things to note:
• Hubby can be in the room during delivery, but you will need to let your doctor know as the culture is to take your newborn away from you when born so you can rest. If you would like to keep your baby, you’ll need to ensure they are aware in advance.

• Ask for the all important information in writing as it’s easy to misunderstand when people are speaking with different accents, and you do not want any surprises!

• Antenatal classes are really important, especially if it’s a first baby. Ask your doctor for details.

• Check what aftercare is included, as not all packages offer follow-ups, vaccinations and post birth medication should you need it.

• On mumsinbahrain.net we have a great packing list for your stay in hospital in the health section.
If you have a question, email kids@timeoutbahrain.com

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