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“Make no mistake, when you’re pregnant you’re vulnerable. Pregnancy can be a wonderful, exciting time when you’re setting out on this whole new adventure but it can also be scary and stressful,” so says Laura, who aims to make pregnancy and childbirth a whole lot easier for the mums she works with.

According to Wikipedia ‘a doula provides non-medical support to women and families during labour, childbirth and the postpartum period’.

And in a place with a large ex-pat population like Bahrain, it’s a service for which there is a particular calling since so many women find themselves pregnant a long way from home and without the support of mums, sisters and friends.

Laura decided to get involved after having a particularly traumatic labour and birth with her first child. She said: “Both my husband and myself were scared and we had no-one to talk to. Having gone through that, I felt that I wanted to support other women in the same situation.”

She’s very clear though that she’s not there to replace the medical professionals or get in their way but rather to provide mums and dads to be with information and support.

For example, in Bahrain babies cannot be delivered in a private hospital before 36 weeks. At that early stage the mum-to-be must go to either Salmaniya or the BDF, both of which have excellent neo-natal facilities, but this can mean the dad will not be able to attend the birth.

There are other legal considerations to take into account and issues such as pain relief and the actual method of childbirth, all of which Laura can provide information on.

She said: “You know, it might be that a mum has decided that she wants to have a Caesarian section but, once she looks into the other methods and also types of pain relief available, she might change her mind. I’m not there to advise, I simply provide information to allow the parents to make their own, informed decision.”

Many expectant mums contact Laura as soon as they discover they are pregnant and she will be available right the way through with hands-on support beginning at 32 weeks.

From then she’ll have two in-depth meetings with the parents, the first to give them as much information as they need, the second to formulate a birthing plan and then, if they decide it’s what they want, she’s happy to be present during the birth offering support and encouragement to both mum and dad.

She added: “I’m not a midwife and the last thing I want is to interfere in the medical side but it can help, particularly if the situation becomes fraught, to have someone level-headed there who can say, ‘remember, we talked about this and you said you wanted to do things this way’.

“I’m also able to support the dads as often the mums will be worrying about how they’re coping when they really need to be concentrating on themselves.”

Once the baby is born Laura can also advise on the very simply things that can easily be taken for granted such as nappy changing, feeding, winding – all the things everyone assumes just come naturally but which, so often, don’t.

She said: “I can help in the hospital or go to the new parents at home and I’m also now starting to do a lot of post-natal work with mums who’ve not necessarily had a doula throughout their pregnancy but then realise, once they get home, that they could really do with a helping hand and a lot of information.”

Overall the service is about providing information and support at all levels of pregnancy with Laura’s overriding philosophy being ‘a prepared mum is a mum who’s going to deliver much more easily and that’s a win-win for everyone involved from the mum herself to the medical staff and, of course, the baby.”
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Posted by: Sarah Hannibal on 11 Apr ' 12 at 14:01

Thanks for sharing!! We have a large group of doulas working in Qatar as well. I do annual trainings and mentor doulas for all the same reasons this doula does. Being pregnant and giving birth is stresfull enough, but to do it in another coutry where you don't have any support is too much. Women need doulas!

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