Nursery school in Bahrain

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What can parents do?
It’s all about encouragement, and parents should feel secure about their child’s happiness. At home, take time to boost your child’s self esteem, to be secure in yourself so that the attachment between parent and child can handle the distance. You can also promote independence by taking them to playgroups.

How do you judge a child’s readiness for big school?
Children can look physically ready but not be ready developmentally. In that case, they’re not going to be happy or be able to concentrate. Clinging to the parent after the initial settling-in phase is usually a sign; and a parent not encouraging the child is a worry.

What skills do nursery pupils take with them to big school?
They get a very strong foundation if they go to school with a positive school attachment then they are ready to learn. If you compare a pre-schooled child with a child that has never been outside the home, then you are usually going to see a big difference in behaviour.

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