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Talk about fund raising and most people roll their eyes or run a mile. In tough economic climes, the thought of doling out cash left, right and centre – however good the cause – is a little hard to swallow. And if parents are already paying school fees or club subscriptions, asking them to dig deep for the latest fundraising venture may start to alienate rather than motivate. But, with a bit of thought and planning, it is possible to make the whole experience fun, meaningful and, importantly, lucrative.

1 Get creative
Instead of the usual bake sales, car washes and blunt begging letters, ring the changes with a new and inventive activity that sparks the imaginations of both kids and children. A quiz day or read-a-thon for the kids, a golf outing or tennis morning for mums and dads, a concert, recital or talent show – all these ideas pique interest by offering something different from the norm.

2 Make it meaningful
An activity where children learn something and/or support a socially or environmentally responsible goal is far more likely to garner support from the folks controlling the purse strings. A sponsored walk to raise money for PTA funds is unlikely to get the juices flowing as it’s not the worthiest of causes and it doesn’t teach the kids a great deal. By contrast, a popcorn sale where the kids have to plan their stall, budget for corn, bags and a popcorn maker, staff the stall and bank the funds, teaches them a host of social and business lessons. All of a sudden, BD1 for a bag seems like a bargain.

3 Involve the children
Bursting with (sometimes annoying) energy, kids are naturally curious and keen to make a difference. They’re also surprisingly aware of their surroundings, so harness some of that enthusiasm to teach them about the values of compassion and giving. It’s clear, for example, that youngsters who get involved in making up boxes for the Bahrain Shoebox initiative begin to realise that there are people who are less fortunate than us and who would appreciate our support. Whatever your activity or cause, by explaining in age-appropriate terms how and why you want to help or raise money, you’ll find that kids will quickly latch on to the idea and be eager to help – especially if the activity is fun!

4 Set a goal
From an organiser’s point of view, knowing how much money you want to raise will help you decide exactly how to go about it. What activities will help you reach your goal in the required time? By creating a ‘charity thermometer’ that grows along with your fundraising efforts, the children and other fundraisers will be excited to see that their work is having an impact and be motivated to keep going.

5 See the whole experience
Instead of viewing the activity purely as a means to an end, look on the whole experience. That way, instead of grumbling ‘Oh I suppose it’s for a good cause…’ as they open their wallets yet again, parents will be just as engaged as their children. A well-run fundraising drive can be an experience that builds self-esteem, provides community service, and promotes school/organisation and community spirit.

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