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With Halloween coming, face painter Sara Al Najjar, of FaceFX, gives us her top tips and a step-by-step guide to creating a special look.

Some people will know Sara from her work at Studio Ceramics where she previously painted faces at kids’ parties and events. Now, following lots of requests from parents, she actually does parties of her own but she says anyone can paint faces, just follow her tips.

Snazaroo face paint – approved by the US FDA, hypoallergenic, easy to remove with baby wipes or mild soap and water, non-toxic and safe. Snazaroo is water-based and dries within about a minute.

Sara strongly advises against using oil based face paint which she says is smudgy, difficult to work with and hard to remove.

Brushes – normal paint brushes are fine as long as they are good quality.

Sponges – there are various different qualities of sponge and Sara recommends using one with a high density for a good even finish. Cosmetic sponges are a good option.

Glitter – you can get all sorts of colours but make sure it is FDA-approved, polyester face paint glitter and not poster glitter which can cause allergic reactions.

Water – there are various methods but Sara uses a spray bottle directly onto the paint, rather than dipping the brush in a bowl, she says this creates a much richer, stronger colour.

Baby wipes – good for correcting mistakes.

Gems – these are really popular with little girls and can be found in most stationery stores.

Top tips
Glitter works wonders on girls, it highlights the whole look and makes it look fancier. To apply it, Sara uses her finger while the face paint is still wet though some artists prefer to use a wet paint brush for more control.

Cut sponges in halves and quarters to get really sharp edges and corners.

Use sponges in a dabbing motion to complete a full base colour.

To blend two or more colours together, press the sponge on the first colour and drag across to the second colour until it’s as blended as you want.

Always clean your brushes after use, don’t leave paint to dry, it will mess up the brushes and is unhygienic.

If presented with a child who has a rash or a runny nose, offer to paint another area such as the hand or arm.

Sara’s most popular face paints are fairies, butterflies, tigers, Spiderman, pirates, Minnie Mouse, The Hulk, Batman, Ironman, Flash, Hello Kitty and Ninjas. And, not surprisingly, over Halloween there are lots of requests for skulls, colourful sugar skulls, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, zombies, Dracula, the Joker, ghosts and clowns.
She’s available for parties, for either kids or adults, at BD20 for two hours or BD25 for five hours. For further information call (36 478 882).

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