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Living in a modern Bahrain makes it difficult to practice bushcraft that is necessary to survive in a hot arid desert. I’m working to return these skills to juniors and adults alike. It means people can safely enjoy the experience venturing into the Middle East’s natural environment.

This year, Tribal Fitness launched a structured desert survival programme. The sold out introduction (age 5-6) and level one (age 7-15) desert survival in October was a great success. It covered the first few principles of desert survival including the preparation of a survival bag.

This gave the children the opportunity to take ownership over their own wellbeing. Mummy or maids were nowhere to be seen!

The second principle was building desert shelters to stay cool in the heat. These skills are vital to avoid dehydration or heatstroke.

The next step included hydration and tree stills. This method enables the survivor to extract water from a living tree.

The course finished up with safely lighting and building fire.

The students loved the experience of getting dirty in nature and sharpening their survival skills.

The next step is Desert Survival level two on Friday, December 6. Here the students will fine tune the skills they learnt in level one as well as making a desert shelter for the cold (it gets incredibly cold at night in the desert) and a signal fire to optimise one’s chances of rescue.

The course is restricted to 16 places only and if a child wants to go but has not been to a level one event, then a level one session can be organised beforehand. The course is available to all children between the ages of seven and 15. Desert survival for adults will start in January and dates can be seen on the Tribal Fitness website at

Learning and practising survival skills is vital for many reasons. Most importantly, it could save your life! Secondly, it’s a great opportunity to get outside into nature and get dirty! Finally, practising survival skills is an opportunity to become self-sufficient and learn practical skills that are fun!

Now that the weather is cool, it is a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the remaining pockets of nature we still have. Desert survival knowledge means you can enjoy the great outdoors with piece of mind!

I have been sharpening my desert survival skills in the Middle East for more than five years and have trained under Stu Gilbert (SOS Survival), New Zealand’s leading survival expert.

Event: Junior Level Two Desert Survival
Ages: 7-15
Places: Restricted to 16 only
Price: BD25
Reservations: Contact Craig on (39 473 710) or
Future events can be seen at:

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