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As a kid did you ever make mud pies? Yep us too. All kids love getting dirty and making a mess but how about if they could do it at someone else’s place, learn loads and come home with some pretty cool ornaments into the bargain.

Anny Zachariades, of EZ Art Pottery, offers the chance for them to do just that with pottery classes for children aged four to 13 where, over a six week course, they will learn to work with clay, make figures and even have a go on the potters’ wheel.

Greek national Anny, started the classes in January having moved her studio here from Athens in 20009. Last year she began offering workshops and decided to run regular children’s classes to pass on her love of a craft she has practised for more than 25 years.

She explained: ‘Children love to learn and they love to create. I show them what to do but the classes teach them so much more. They have to learn to be patient in waiting for the clay to dry, they learn to use their imagination to create their own individual pieces and they learn to tell stories – for example, one of the things I’ve been working on with my most recent class is building a village so they’ve had to come up with ideas of what might make up a village and how can we make it.’

The younger children’s classes start off with making simple animals from a ball of clay ‘I teach them the language of clay, show them the basics of how to work with it, how to score it to make patterns and then let their imagination take over,’ said Anny.

Over the course of the six weeks, they will learn how to fire their pieces and decorate them with glaze to make them water resistant and durable and at the end of the course, each child goes home with the pieces he or she has made.

For the older ones Anny goes into the whole process in greater depth explaining how the glazes and colours work, the mechanisms of firing the clay and each week brings the start of a new project.

She explained: ‘They will be working on things they have started creating the previous week and will also make a start on something for the following week, so there’s always something new to be thinking about as well as something they’ve worked on before, teaching both continuity and patience.

‘With the older children, it’s amazing to see how their imaginations work, within two weeks they can have created something quite beautiful and it’s great to be able to work with them to give them the resource to tap into their own ideas.’

One of the most popular days on the course is when the kids get to use the potters’ wheel and it’s a day when parents get to come along and join in the fun too.

‘It’s a real opportunity for the older children and parents to have some fun together and create something they’ll be able to look back on in years to come and remember when they made it together,’ says Anny.

For the younger ones parents are welcome to come along to the classes, particularly at first, though many parents find their children coming out of themselves within the group and being happy to work without them.

The first classes ran in January and were fully booked. The second set will begin mid-March with a six week course starting at BD35 for younger children and BD45 for older ones.
See www.ezartpottery.com for details and information on adult courses, open studios and workshops.

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