20 to try: Filipino albums

We take a step back in time and count down the best-selling Filipino albums of all time. Do you know your stuff? Comments

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1 Christmas in our Hearts

Artist: Jose Mari Chan
Sold copies: 636,000 plus
Release: 1990
Genre: Ballad
Trivia: The album is the most notable album ever in the history of the Philippine Recording Industry. Indeed, it gained numerous awards in just a matter of weeks after it was released. It reached the unparalleled Diamond Record status equivalent to 10 times Platinum.

2 Constant Change

Artist: Jose Mari Chan
Sold copies: 321,800 plus
Release: 1989
Genre: Ballad
Trivia: This album was chosen as The Album of the Year on the Awit Awards, the local version of the American Grammy Awards. It achieved the unprecedented status for garnering the Diamond Record in terms of sales. It was also a hit on other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The song on the album entitled Beautiful Girl was definitely very famous on the region. It was a 10 times Platinum album.

3 Cutterpillow

Artist: Eraserheads
Sold copies: 320,500 plus
Release: 1995
Genre: Alternative rock/pop
Trivia: The album is the most celebrated band album of all times in the Philippines. It became the highlight in Pinoy music as it introduced classic songs such as Huwag Mo Nang Itanong, Overdrive, and the popular Ang Huling El Bimbo. It is the band's best-selling album and reached 10 times Platinum status.

4 Nina Live!

Artist: Nina
Sold copies: 260,300 plus
Release: 2005
Genre: Pop/ R&B
Trivia: The album reached Gold record and Platinum status in just three weeks after its commercial release. It is considered to be the biggest-selling album by a female artist in the Philippines which reached a certification of 8 times Platinum. It is the fourth biggest selling album of an OPM artist, only behind Eraserheads' Cutterpillow  and Jose Mari Chan's Christmas In Our Hearts  and Constant Change. January 15, 2007 when it was made available on digital download through Amazon.com MP3 Download.

5 Forevermore

Artist: Side A
Sold copies: 255,900 plus
Release: 1995
Genre: Ballad
Trivia: The album was the most victorious Album of Side A band. The song from the album entitled Forevermore was awarded as the Song of the Year on Awit Awards and was a certified 8 times Platinum.

By Rodelito Mamuad
Time Out Bahrain,

User reviews:

Posted by: kurtmoj on 28 Oct ' 12 at 04:43

this is not true...regine's r2k and jaya's self title album should be on the list

Posted by: buddy pineda on 04 Jun ' 12 at 08:41

STUPIDITY!!!!...Regine Velasquez is the ONLY CONSISTENT one among the choices....ALL Her albums were PLATINUM....and She's the only one a that calibre.ok? the other on the list. well maybe they just got lucky one time....NEVER repeated right?????

Posted by: larry on 28 May ' 11 at 15:37

this site is unrealiable and not credible.. regine velasquez not included?, she should have been in any of the top 5 spot... her R2k album reaches more than 300,000 sales, in the diamond award category but wasnt awarded yet (based in wikipedia).. and more multi platinum albums and still counting... this site is funny!!

Posted by: brandon on 05 Apr ' 11 at 23:06

I guess, this is not the official.
When it comes to album sales (consistent), its undeniably that Regine comes to mind. Who else can sell albums almost every year with platinum certifications. She releases Drawn, R2k, Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw, Songbird Sings the Classics, Reigne almost every year. And released 3 albums in approx 1 year+ period and still all those albums reached platinum status.
I guess Regine is exempted here.
Unlike the others who took yearsss to reach those status.

Posted by: Sahid on 13 Feb ' 11 at 09:49

we shud give credit to nina!! i personally believe that her album nina live is the best album ever release in this decade. who would imagine that many people would buy her album despite of the declining purchase of cd and cassette. hey, 20th century is very much different from the time jose mari chan's and eraserhead's albums were released!!=)

Posted by: jose mari chan on 05 Feb ' 11 at 01:07

I think you should get the latest SALES figures from UNIVERSAL RECORDS of
Christmas In Our Hearts
Constant Change
in order to update your LIST.
Thank you

Posted by: xhetchi on 01 Feb ' 11 at 08:41

This is such an idiot List.... Where are the stormbreaker record of the top selling artist in the philippines Regine's Drawn, R2K, Covers, Retro and Regine Live? 2 of them earned 10x platinum and the 3 earned 8x platinum.

Posted by: rhoumel on 18 Jan ' 11 at 10:29

why regine velasquez' figures not included. i think she is Philippines biggest selling artist..her album such as drawn, r2k, covers, etc. should be here..please review your figures.

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