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Jalal Jaffer musician

‘National Day tends to be a time of celebration, and the government always surprise us with a lot of programmes. There is usually a National Day concert, after which we head to the National Museum which often has a number of traditional exhibits and shows to coincide with the holiday. It is also a great time to hang out with friends.

‘The most important things about National Day is that it draws all Bahrainis together. We are a small country and there are not that many of us, and there is a certain amount of pride in what this country has been able to achieve. National Day also is a time when there are no sectarian divisions, and when we all reflect on the National Charter of Bahrain, which his highness Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa initiated. The charter sets out the rights of each and every Bahraini, which brings with it a lot of benefits, but also certain responsibilities, and in many respects it helps us and protects us and should be respected as such.

‘Bahrainis are a very hard working people, and then also tend to be well-educated. But what this country needs more of is education and opportunities for local people. We have a lot of raw talent here, and the potential of a lot of the younger generation here is remarkable, but we need to have the chance to prove ourselves and demonstrate what we can do.

‘I think Bahrain has a good, solid standing in the world, and I feel proud to be part of this country. I would like to see better planning for investment, to make sure that it benefits everyone and not just the few. It would also be good to see greater efficiency in the public sector here. Because in the end, I would like to see the standard of living for all Bahrainis to improve over time.

‘The government has done a great many things for the people, from providing housing, controlling the cost of living and encouraging business to locate to Bahrain, and we do have a lot of foreigners who like living here. I think this is mainly because Bahrain is a tolerant and open minded society which is respectful of all religions, backgrounds and types of people, which is why we have such a harmonious multi-cultural society
in Bahrain today.’

By Time Out Bahrain Staff
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