Ever wondered what you can do to help that all important date go off like clockwork? Then read on… Taken from the newly-released book The Body Language of Love by Allan & Barbara Pease.

1. To succeed in the mating game, learn to read body language.
2. Highlighting gender differences is what makes a person attractive.
3. For a perfect first date choose subdued lighting, it makes the pupils dilate giving the impression of natural attraction.
4. Avoid loud music (unless, of course, you’re both metal heads), ambient background music will get you tapping in time and create rapport.
5. Angle yourself at 45% to the other person to come across as friendly and open but not too intense – you can move closer later.
6. Subtly mirror your companion’s seating position, body angle, gestures and speech patterns, they’ll decide they like you and find you easy to be around because they see themselves reflected in you.
7. Key body language gestures to show you are listening are the head tilt and the head nod, they are submissive, non-threatening and make others feel heard.
8. Check out what’s going on under the table – jiggling the feet is like the brain’s attempt to run away. Locked feet means holding back negative emotions such as uncertainty or fear. Ask questions (not interrogation) to get your date to relax.
9. Avoid crossing your arms, keep body language open and approachable.
10. And remember, marriages are made in heaven. But then again, so are thunder and lightning!