In most parts of the world, Sunday night is death when it comes to nightlife, not least in the Gulf where Sunday is essentially Monday. But in Bahrain, an island that parties as though every night is a Friday night, Sunday is no exception. Every Sunday night until August 8, the Dublin Club in Juffair will host the country’s official Beer Pong Tournament, the only qualifier to be held outside of the US and Canada. For those not familiar with the sport, it’s basically a team drinking game that involves ping pong balls being thrown into pint glasses, the contents of which are then consumed by the losing team. There are weekly prizes, with the winner from each Sunday being entered into the Grand Final, which will be held on Sunday August 8, where $1,000 prize money will be at stake. The winning team will then be jetting off to Las Vegas for the World

Final, with the chance to compete for prize money worth in excess of $65,000. For more information, check out the Dublin Club Bahrain’s Facebook page, or call Neal on 39 736 547.

If you’ve popped your dancing shoes on and are looking for something more energetic, Sunday night is salsa night at one of Adliya’s hottest nightspots, Brazil Lounge (17 826 686). Upstairs from the rather good restaurant of the same name, salsa lessons are held from 8pm-9pm (and cost BD3 per person), while the dancing habitually goes on until at least 11pm.
Monday night can be a rather miserable time for night owls, with only the dregs of clubbing society willing to risk wrecking the week with a wild night out. Thankfully, there are a few great options to keep you from crawling into bed early. Bushido (17 583 555), in our opinion one of the best lounge bars in Bahrain and certainly one of the most stunning in terms of location and interior, is a great place to head for a quiet drink on the terrace. Those looking to go on have a range of options. TaBu (17 311 666), in Phoenicia Tower Hotel, the only club in Bahrain to boast a swimming pool, has Diva’s Night, and the obligatory female friendly drinks offers that come from a night with such a name. Harvesters (17 531 122), the English style pub in the Crowne Plaza has a range of drinks offers for the girls, while showcasing one of the best Filipino bands in Bahrain, Flava. Warblers (17 290 600) in the Ramee Baisan Hotel in Hoora has Angles Night (read: ladies night) during which Sold Out, a Canadian band, rock the joint.
Tuesday night is all about vino, and one of the most popular nights in Adliya is at Camelot (17 717 745). The Grape Escape, hosted by the French restaurant, is the country’s best and friendliest tasting evening, with three red and three white to try, costing a reasonable BD7 and starting from 7.30pm. those looking to carry on might then want to head to the Gulf Hotel’s Vintage Wine Bar (17 746 461), which stocks one of the best selections in the country and is open daily until 2am. Those looking for a bop should head to Panorama Hotel’s Havana Latin Bar (17 826 888), which has a Columbian band (Kaney), and has a range of drinks deals, especially for the fairer sex.
Wednesday night might as well be Thursday night as far as most of Bahrain’s party animals are concerned, not least because it is the start of the Saudi weekend and all those vacationing from KSA tend to liven up the streets and party like it is 1999. Cocoon Lounge (17 827 600), in the Best Western Hotel in Juffair, hosts its famed Lipstick Lounge ladies night, during which there is a range of drinks offers and some of the best DJs in Bahrain. Jim’s Restaurant (17 710 654) in Adliya, a normally sedate and family-friendly affair, is livened up with a DJ between the hours of 7.30pm and 10.30pm. Wrangler (17 827 600), around the corner from Cocoon Lounge, also tends to be packed thanks to a ladies night offering a range of tempting drink deals. Those looking for a more unusual experience need to head to Envy Club (17 725 000) in the Palace Bahrain Hotel. Wednesday night is Polynesian Beach Party night, when the club is transformed into a desert island, one that looks more like Tahiti and less like Bahrain.
With the weekend comes a plethora of club nights, with almost every joint in the country enticing punters with drinks offers and cut price entry. One of the biggest gatherings tends to happen at the hugely popular JJ’s Irish Bar (17 742 323) in the Al Bustan Hotel. The bar’s Big Night Out offers music from DJ Paul and a range of offers. Fiddler’s Green (17 531 666) in the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa showcases the hugely popular band, the Boxtones. This is also the night when the enduring Ric’s Kountry Kitchen (17 725 550) comes alive, with Filipino covers master Ver at the microphone all night.
In the battle for best night of the week, Thursday and Friday have long been at war. But if Thursday night benefits from the massive sigh of relief that the working week is over, Friday is the beneficiary of the fact that serious clubbers have had all day to ready themselves for an all-nighter. TaBu, in the Phoenicia Tower Hotel, tends to be at the heart of the action, not least because when the party stops, it’s only a short walk downstairs to one of Bahrain’s only late night venues (open between 2am and 6am), Ground Zero (17 311 666). In most parts of the world, late night bars evoke air-raid shelters and tend to give refuge to clusters of seedy punters who appear to be out primarily because they have nowhere to go back to. Ground Zero is a hugely pleasant surprise: well lit, all white and with one of the best crowds in any club in Bahrain, this place is worth staying up for. Those looking for a more Latin flavour to the evening should head to Pars International Hotel in Juffair and Z Club (17 814 777), where the salsa band Hapaneros play all night.
Saturday night: the end of the weekend. But for those who see life as a glass half full, this doesn’t mean an early night with a cup of cocoa. Trader Vic’s (17 580 000), located in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Bahrain and with one of the most beautiful outside terraces of any bar in the country, offers what it calls a Polynesian theme to the evening. A great drinks menu, and a relaxing setting, this is a great way to cap off the weekend. Those on the other side of town (Adliya, Juffair) can also get in on the Polynesian action at Typhoon (17 713 000), the Gulf Hotel’s answer to South Pacific themed bars. With the hotel’s weekend guests having gone, and the weekend waning into another working week, this is where you can drown your sorrows in a setting that won’t make Bahrain seem all that bad.