Dress to impress
Dressing for Halloween has more than its fair share of faux pas. We talk you through some Halloween costumes to be sure you’re not a joke, but a real scream!

Thanks to Caspar, many people think that all ghosts are white and float around in a friendly and relatively benign way. But those people have evidently never seen any of the Poltergeist movies, which confirm ghosts can be hideous bubbling slabs of flesh that can come at you through a television screen, up a plug hole, or out of anything even remotely reflective. Making ghosts pretty hard to imitate.
Don’t pop a white sheet over your head and stumble around slurring boo every now and then.
Do remember that ghosts are essentially dead people. Looking rotten is certainly authentic, as is any indication as to the way in which you were brutally murdered.

Scream mask

Poor old Edvard Munch. Little could the depressed Norwegian artist have guessed that his seminal painting of a figure experiencing a severe emotional crisis would end up as the cult symbol of the killer in the Scream movies. But it has, so get over it. The upside to all of this is that making a stir at Halloween just got easier.
Don’t wear the scream mask without any consideration for the rest of the outfit. If previous years are anything to go by, a black cloak is fitting.
Do keep it on all night. There’s no point in trying to be scary if you keep having to reassure your friends that it’s only friendly, unthreatening you. If you want to drink, cut a slit and bring a straw.

Never has anything looked less scary than a group of girls smiling with a devil’s horn Alice band propped on their heads. First point to make – the devil is male. Second, he has a tail. Either you go the whole hog on Halloween or not at all.
Don’t forget that any exposed skin needs to be red. The devil wasn’t only red in the face.
Do grow a goatee and carry a plastic pitchfork. It’s all in the details...

Sometimes the oldest costumes are the best costumes, and you can’t get much more traditional than a witch. In spite of what The Wizard of Oz might tell you, there is no such thing as a good witch. All witches are evil and ugly, so don’t spend the next month investing in blushers and lipsticks – what you need most right now is a selection of stick on warts.
Don’t forget your broomstick. It’s not like you can drag a black cat into any of the nightlife venues in Bahrain, so an old fungus-ridden broom is de rigueur.
Do pretend you have a hunchback all night. Not only will it help disguise the fact you’re a terrible dancer, but will ensure you’re not mistaken for a fairy.

Ditched the New Year’s resolution to lose weight seconds after it was made? Weight Watcher’s loss is Halloween’s gain. If you are rather round, why not dress yourself up as a pumpkin? Pumpkins in the Western world aren’t gnarled green tubers that you tend to buy here, but are rather shapely gigantic orange vegetables that are habitually bought in October, hollowed out and scarred with a toothy grin.
Don’t forget your legs. Colour them green and pretend they are the stem.
Do have a think what your head could be. Some people find popping a pumpkin on their head the most effective way to put the fear into their fellow party-goers.

Smiley the clown hadn’t done anyone any harm, and was beloved of children across the world. And then Stephen King penned It, and in a matter of second clowns went from being loveable fools to demonic child killers and the embodiment of all evil. Which is rather convenient for Halloween, as it happens.
Don’t forget the big shoes.
Do talk in incomprehensible monosyllabic oh’s and ah’s all evening. There’s nothing more scary that someone who might or might not be mentally deranged.

Monster’s Ball
We tell you where to head for your Halloween kicks

Zombies Ate My Brain!
This massive Halloween party at one of Bahrain’s best party venues features UK ghoulish gang Zombie Soundsystem
Venue: Coral Beach Club
Date: October 28
More info: call 17 321 700

Seven Deadly Sins
Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony are all well represented at the Dublin Club’s massive Halloween party
Venue: Dublin Club
Date: October 29
More info: call 39 736 547

Halloween Night
If you fancy scaring yourself to drink in one of Bahrain’s best British boozers then this one is for you
Venue: Warblers
Date: October 29
More info: call 17 290 600

Halloween – Horror Movie
Where movies come to life – dress up as your favourite Hollywood hell-raiser and join at an all star cast at Juffair’s most happening venue
Venue: Cocoon Lounge
Date: October 31
More info: call 17 827 600