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  • David’s Stir Fry Crazy
I’d been looking forward to trying David’s Stir Fry Crazy in Adliya since it first opened, so I jumped at the chance to go try it out and write a review.

Walking in I noticed that it managed to be both welcoming and generic at the same time and while the décor didn’t blow me away, it was a very pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a casual but tasty lunch with a friend.

Going through the menu there was a lot to choose from and it was a little over-whelming trying to narrow down what we wanted to eat. We were also a little taken aback when we started to order and the waiter volunteered the fact that he would have to check with the chef that he had all the necessary ingredients for what we wanted before we even put out order in, however he came back and told us they had what they need for what we wanted, so we sat back and waited for the food to arrive. Unfortunately the waiter came back a few minutes later to apologise as the Vietnamese Shrimp Pancakes my dining companion had wanted to start with were not part of the current chefs’ repertoire, which I have to admit left us feeling a little non-plussed.

That however was the last of the disappointments. My starter of barbequed ribs arrived and they were so good that my companion and I each ordered a portion to take away with us when we left.

When our main courses arrived, the delicious smells reached us before they were even placed in front of us. Mongolian Beef for my companion and Stewed Duck in Earthen Pot for myself. I admit I was a little tentative ordering stewed duck as duck wouldn’t normally be my meat of choice for stewing but the description of “a blend of 5 spices with burnt garlic and shiitake mushroom” was too tempting to resist and I wasn’t disappointed. Surprisingly the duck was a juicy and succulent and the sauce so good that had it not been too unladylike, I would have been tempted to drink it up with a spoon. I didn’t try the Mongolian Beef but if the noises of delight opposite me were anything to go by, it was obviously equally as good as my duck.

All-in-all I would have to say I will very definitely be going back on a regular basis and if and when they manage to iron out a few of the kinks, put a little more thought into the atmosphere and decor and make sure their chef knows how to make everything on the menu, David’s Stir Fry Crazy could be a strong contender for “Best Chinese Restaurant” on the island.

The bill (for two)
1 yaki gyoza BD2.800
3 spare ribs BD11.400
1 stewed duck BD5.200
1 Indonesian beef BD3.200
Steamed rice BD0.500
Large water BD0.800
2 house grape BD2.600
Total (inc tax and service) D31.900 David’s Stir Fry Crazy
5 1

By Time Out Bahrain staff | 27 November 2013

Location: Adliya
Tel: 17 540 188
Travel: Adliya, just up from Senor Paco’s
Cuisine: Chinese
Times: Open daily noon-2pm, 6.30-11.30pm
Price range: Bhd25-39
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

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