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People keep telling me ‘everybody loves Coco’s’ and, having tried to get a table on a Thursday evening, I can tell you it’s true.

The place was heaving, lots of would-be diners were waiting and, despite the still-40-degree heat, there were plenty of us sitting in the garden chilling out to the gentle South American sounds issuing from the speakers.

The garden at Coco’s is part of what makes the place so popular. When the weather’s cooler it’s always full, both lunchtime and evenings, and it’s easy to see why.

Completely walled, delightfully green and with the varied music providing the backdrop, you really could be on the French Riviera or chatting in an Italian courtyard.

So ten out of ten for atmosphere before we even got to the food. Plus the staff are friendly, though service is not overly quick, and the place is cheap too.

My dining companion went for chicken in mushroom sauce with mashed potato and I chose chili chicken which is cooked in a fierce sauce of lemon grass, red chilis, garlic, ginger and herbs.

It usually comes with rice but I chose a mashed potato accompaniment, but here things got a little confused. I tried to change my order to French fries and we received a basked of fries before our meals.

The waitress probably thought it a bit of an odd choice of starter but hey, they were piping hot, crispy and yummy so no complaints from us.

Our mains, when they arrived, were huge. Two full chicken breasts each and mountains of creamy mashed potato which put an immediate grin on my pal’s face.

The mushroom sauce was delicious, tasty and thick, just right to top off the mash.

Mine however, though equally tasty, suffered from an excess of chili – I picked out five whole ones before I started and that’s without the chopped pieces in the sauce!

Now, I like a bit of spice as much as the next person but seriously, five chilis in one dish? I think I might’ve spontaneously combusted if I’d managed to eat it.

That said, the chicken was really tender and the sauce flavourful, despite the beads of sweat delicately decorating my upper lip.

For desert, we couldn’t resist the crêpes, for which Coco’s is very well known.

My dining partner’s choice was filled with chocolate sauce and topped with icecream. I went for the sugar and honey topping with a good dollop of squirty cream.

What can I say? Sublime. We got some funny looks sitting there actually purring with delight, but those crepes really made the meal for me.

Unfortunately, the portions all round were so huge that neither of us could actually finish them, but boy were we happy diners.

The bill (for two)
Grilled chicken BD3.5
Chilli chicken BD3.3
Crêpes x 2 BD3.0
Basket of fries BD1.0
Sprite x 2 BD1.0
Orange and pineapple juice BD1.2
Mineral water BD0.400
Total (not inc service) BD14.100 Coco's
5 1

By Time Out Bahrain staff | 27 September 2012

Location: Adliya
Tel: 17 716 512
Travel: Gudaibiya
Cuisine: Cafés
Experiences: Shisha, Outdoor seating, Smoking permitted
Times: Open daily 10am-midnight
Price range: Bhd1-9
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

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  • Vanessa Aug 18, 2014 04:10 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    Best for:
    I love the shrimp spaghetti, it is my all-time favorite (I get extra shrimp) the soups are very delicious. I always get the fresh fruit drinks they are always nice and cold when they arrive at the table. Yes I have experienced a little hesitation with the wait staff but ask for Dollar he is very responsive to non-Bahraini clientele.
  • jahanzeb agha Jan 20, 2013 03:18 pm
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    im surprised timeout gave it such a good review, the only thing good about it was relax environment to hangout thats it, food was pathetic wife had the grill chicken which was overcooked felt like leather and doused in gravy to hide it, i had the pepper steak and if u know anything bout steak please dont order one at coco's, substandard meat quality and again floating in gravy never seen so much gravy on a steak.
  • Sara Jan 20, 2013 08:54 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    I am there every weekend. I love their food & I just can't get enough of it. The Seafood Risotto, the Grilled Chicken & their Greek salad are all to die for, I highly recommend those dishes, including their Sandwiches & pastas. Oh & their Chicken Corn Soup. They also serve the best Ice Tea Peach. Don't miss out on trying their Coco's dressing (Balsamic Vinegar).
    I agree with most of you when it comes to waiting & the bad service, but it's so worth the food by the end of the day & the minimal price you pay. There are some selected timings where its easy to get a table, I'll not share to avoid having you crowing the place for my friends & I!
    I've repeated many & many times to the Owner whenevr I see him there that he should so open a new branch.
  • Amanda Cane Jan 14, 2013 06:32 pm
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    Ok,The food in this restaurant is very good mostly,however like other comments regarding service,it is TERRIBLE! Ive never been there and had decent or even mediocre service..You get flatly ignored from the second you arrive,have to go and get your own menu's cos if u will be forever.
    Then to actually place an order...well thats another story..The staff really need to improve their manners for this to ever get good reviews for service..they are letting themselves down badly..I dont klnow why they think they can get away with this bad behaviour? Is it because they know they are busy every day and if you dont like the service then tough? Im not sure of the reason but the staff in general are very very rude and unprofessional..It lets down what is really a nice little place to eat..Minus staff!
  • leah Dec 27, 2012 08:50 am
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
    Terrible service..they leave u waiting and waiting for the menu..then wait some more for the food..then never get the bill until u ask and ask and ask and evetually have to go in to get it yourself..shame they dont employ some staff with a bit more intelligence.

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