Moti Mahal

We catch up with the king of Indian cuisine...

Moti Mahal
Location: Juffair
Tel: 17 825 333
Travel: Juffair
Cuisine: Indian
Experiences: Alcohol available, Takeaway available, Smoking permitted
Times: Open daily noon-midnight
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
  • Sukumar Chopra Aug 05, 2012 01:39 pm
    Would you go back to this restaurant?
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    I had gone to eat at this restaurant since i am a foodie but i must say that it is not upto the mark. I ordered mahi tikka tawa masala (fish) and bread. First of all it came late. Then it was not fish despite my having made it very clear that i wanted fish. The bearer got chicken tikka masala. I asked him if it was fish and he said yes when it was apparant it was chicken. Then he said that he will take it back and get fish. He went till the counter and came back and said that it was fish. I don't know how it changed after his small walk I ate it and it was chicken. I told him so and he said that he had got confused. The bread was not properly done and i told him that the lachha parata should be well done and crisp. It came and was even worse done in the sense it was very soft when i like bread on the crisper side.

    I am willing to go once more since i have heard a lot in praise of moti mahal and i hope i have a better experience this time. I must add that the moti mahal in bandra mumbai where i stay back home is much better and a lovely dining experience.
  • Rinku Aug 02, 2011 09:11 pm
    To be honest, we were excited when we found Moti Mahal in Juffair. However, the food was a total let down. Perhaps the flavor was lost in americanizing the food. Definitely not worth my $$
  • DR SUNIL J RAO Jun 23, 2011 07:22 am
    The best Indian food on this island after
  • hi Feb 22, 2011 11:16 am
    a very excellent and perfect made dishes
  • Prerna Jan 18, 2010 09:54 am
    As an Indian, I was delighted to know of Moti Mahal (known for its exotic Indian cuisine) starting up here in Bahrain. Have been there several times now- the food is great, they may have to work a bit on the ambience though (slightly cramped up for space). But since they home deliver as well, I prefer that coz weekends can be quite a waiting for dine-in. But yes, I strongly RECOMMEND Moti Mahal- go on n try out!

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