These days, cupcakes seem to offer more in terms of variety than your favourite clothing line. It seems that they are becoming ever more sophisticated – their current evolution a long way from being a humble spongy cake in a white paper cup. All manner of flavourings and toppings are available, and despite their small size, these novelty creations can easily liven up a birthday celebration or set the perfect mood for a get-together over coffee.

So we thought, why not take a look at some of the finest miniature cakes Bahrain has to offer? It involved more than one heated (and perhaps sugar-rush-induced) debate, but we became quite fond of the following:
A Piece of Cake
With two shops bearing the name, ironically nobody manages to have a piece of their cake left after stepping into this place. Boasting a wide range of home-made-style goodies, the cupcake gurus here abstain from using any artificial ingredients in their creations. And it seems to pay off, the carrot-cake cupcakes in particular proving to be the most popular, with a dedicated following (we asked what the secret might be, but despite our best efforts the chefs would not reveal it).

There are several novelty creations too, with decorative icing featuring a range of cartoon favourites, with Scooby Doo and teddy-bear-mounted cupcakes in plentiful supply. And the temptation doesn’t stop there…
get your favourite cake in your favourite cup, as they will custom-match the best container for the job. If you’re already thinking that this attention to detail must come at a price, never fear, as these cupcakes start at a mere 350 fils each, and vary depending on their decoration. So we suggest you don’t literally believe the shop’s name and get there to grab as many pieces of cake as possible.
Located in Riffa (17 777 909) and Budaiya (17 596 055). Also see
Clever Cupcakes
Baking decorative gourmet cakes with unique flavours is all in a day’s work for Clever Cupcakes. Known for its ability to customise cake products according to events and customer preferences, the delectable menu has the potential to turn your diet regime upside down (unless you have a solid resistance power). The succulent line-up includes lip-smacking flavours such as Oreo (vanilla cake with bits of Oreo biscuit, frosted with vanilla icing and sprinkled with Oreo powder), Rainbow (the cake being layered with colours from the inside, giving it a rainbow effect), and Ferrero Rocher (a rich chocolate cupcake mixed with nuts and Nutella cream, topped with a piece of Ferrero Rocher).

But the pride of the bakery is also a bestseller, aptly titled the Red Velvet, consisting of a rich, moist, sweet cake, frosted with delicious butter icing, topped with a red cherry candy. It’s a good idea to pick up a dozen in one go when you visit here too, as not only will you have a plentiful supply, but a single cake costs BD1, and when you buy 12 it breaks down to 750 fils each.
The Centre (37 771 200); Al A’ali Complex (37 771 400); Bahrain Duty Free (37 771 600). Also see
Star Cupcakes
A small business currently based in the owner’s home, Star Cupcakes is hoping to open its own store/café soon. Maybe that will help serve its customer base a little better who have become addicted to the Swiss and Caulebaut chocolate used in all of its frosting. But the fact this may add a little to your waistline is no reason to shun these cakes away. If the frosting on your favourite-flavoured cakes brings out the hungry kid in you, then we say let that inner child loose.

Other highlights here include the company making its own vanilla for flavouring and frosting, and some of its cocoa-laced offerings include Carmelita Chocoloata, Whipped Chocolate, and its latest addition,
Old Fashioned Chocolate. Try the Carmeilta cupcake first, widely known as ‘devil’s food cake’, which is chocolate cake filled with Dulce (meaning ‘sweet’ in Spanish) De Leche – a caramel creation of Mexican origin, the final touch up being its moist chocolate panache dip with some crisp caramel shavings. Priced reasonably at 800 fils per cup, and BD9 for a dozen, you may as well take the chocolatey plunge.
Located in Sanad (36 381 201 or 39 008 383). Also see