Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park in Bahrain

Get outside and feel the buzz when families head here on a weekend

Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park in Bahrain

So is this a real park or just a “green space”?
Oh, it’s as close as you can get to a park on a small desert island. It’s impressive. There’s a lake, walkways, restaurants, shopping areas, seating areas and plenty of greenery. Around six million dinars was spent creating this 80,000 square metre park – one of the biggest of its kind in Bahrain – and it was seemingly worth it as it’s particularly popular on weekends and with families.

Oh, that’s great – outdoor family spaces are just what we need actually. What’s there for my children to do?
Exactly. There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained, including a full-blown skate park, play areas with swings and slides and other equipment, as well as a couple of kiddie rides and ice cream. Lots of ice cream. For big kids, too, there’s a games room complete with an air hockey table to while away the hours.

Are there ways to get some exercise in here?
Definitely. You can go paddle boating, fishing, rent bicycles and ride around the dedicated track, go jet skiing and, of course, walk around the special walkway. It was built to be an outdoor haven of activity for leisure seekers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

All that activity is making me hungry. Where can I eat?
You see the tower in the middle of the park? Well, there’s a restaurant, Koffiatto, in there, which offers a great 360 degree view of Bahrain’s skyline and the lake. There are also a few food stalls serving local bites, plus tables, chairs and benches around the park so you can have a seat and enjoy a quick bite.

Is there anything else I should know about the place?
Well, there are a few rules worth noting down. For instance, don’t take your dog for a walk as animals are not allowed. Plus cycling, fishing and skating are only allowed in the designated areas. And please don’t try and swim in the lake. Finally, don’t mess up the shrubs, plants and lawns by picking, trampling and playing ball sports. Let’s keep it green and clean so everyone can enjoy it together.

Only at Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park

Chai & Chapati

This place is a real treat and something truly local for visitors to Bahrain to enjoy. It’s a stall in the park that’s based in a courtyard with other food stalls and serves proper karak chai (local tea with condensed milk and cardamom) with chapati (an unleavened flatbread from the sub-continent). You can have your bread with all sorts of flavours, sweet or savoury. We make sure we have a pot of Nutella at the ready.

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