Al Dar Islands Bahrain guide

Islands’ island paradise Gaze out to sea from your hammock

Al Dar Islands Bahrain guide

Where are we going now? I hope it’s not another mall. The weather is too lovely!
Nope. Not a mall. More like an island paradise.

But we’re already on an island. Show us something we haven’t seen before, Time Out.
Oh, you haven’t seen anything quite like this yet. Al Dar Islands offers tourists and residents a holiday spot in a holiday spot.

Go on… We’re listening... How do we get there?
We just need to hop aboard a boat from the office in Sitra, strap on our life jackets and head out for a ten-minute sail
to the island.

Sounds simple enough, as long as I don’t get sea sick. So what will we find when we’re there?
Plenty, considering it’s fairly small. Firstly there’s a lovely little beach area, where you can grab a bed, simply plonk down on your towel or even lay back in a hammock and relax to the sounds of lapping shores.

Idyllic. Sunbathing isn’t enough to get me out though.
Alright, what about water sports such as jet skis, kayaks and paddle boats?

Yes please. Keep going…
Have a swim in the lagoon. Go pearl collecting in the shallow waters and, potentially, take one home with you. Watch the dolphins in their natural habitat. Sail out for a three-hour fishing trip (equipment and bait provided). Or grab another boat and hop around some of the other nearby islands. Good enough?

Almost. I’m marooned on an island though. Where do I get some grub?
Well, you could set up your own barbecue in the beach huts also on offer or dine at the restaurant, which serves hearty bites and refreshing house beverages.

Nice. And the kids?
There’s a dedicated play area for them. What else you got?

Well, they’re bound to get tired after all that activity…
Of course, you could have a nap in the open-air on the beach beds. Or, you could book a night in one of the six beachside chalets.

You got me there. A mall?
Just admit defeat.

Only on Al Dar Islands

Al Dar North

Six exclusive chalets are available for rent for one night or the whole weekend, offering the perfect little escape spot for residents and tourists alike. There are one-, two- and three-bedroom options and a private beach for guests, plus a flat-screen TV, DVD player, mini fridge, air-conditioning and free WiFi. Prices start from BD55.
Visit or call 17 704 600.

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