Entrance fee could be introduced at Bahrain's public parks

MPs hope the cash could fund proper maintenance

Entrance fee could be introduced at Bahrain's public parks

Public parks are one of the few places to enjoy family fun for free in Bahrain – but that could all be about to change thanks to a new plan tabled by MPs.

A group of MPs believe that all public parks, walkways and gardens should be fully privatised to ensure they get the funding they need.

MP Mohammed Buhmood told Gulf Daily News that currently these spaces are “deserted” because of a lack of investment in entertainment, leisure and sports facilities.

Buhmood has claimed visitors would not mind paying a proposed entrance fee of around 500 fils to fund maintenance work on the park.

Earlier this year, toilets, rest areas and prayer rooms at parks in Muharraq were shut to prevent vandalism, with the municipal council blaming the government spending cuts for leaving such spaces unattended for years.

Muharraq Municipal Council chairman Ghazi Al Murbati has backed the idea, but other MPs have argued the government should step up.

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