Dianne Apen-Sadler

You can now watch movies on the popular streaming service with friends from afar

You can get a full Scottish or English fry-up for BHD1.8

You can run with a partner but must keep a metre apart

Sometimes all you need is a comforting curry

It’s to thank doctors, nurses and hospital workers for fighting against coronavirus

Ordering in doesn’t have to be calorific

Anyone affected by coronavirus’ economic repercussions will not have to pay fees or interest for six months

The Be Aware app will spread awareness of the location of active cases

Bahrain TV Channel 2 (sports channel) will broadcast eight hours of educational content a day

Only delivery services will be available from March 26 until April 9

The government has said no more than five people may gather at once

If you don’t want to cook, there’s plenty of great options in the Kingdom

The UAE took the top spot in the United Nations report

The e-Volunteer platform launched just a week ago

You can watch the race, which will last around an hour and a half, tonight at 11pm

You don’t need a gym to get fit

It’s to help Bahrain residents work and study from home