10 steps to a healthier life

Eat, sleep, detox and exercise your way to a healthier body

10 steps to a healthier life

1 Sleep – Get lots of sleep, if you don’t sleep enough you will feel tired and won’t want to do anything.

2 Daily exercise in moderation – Make sure you do some form of exercise for at least 10 minutes every day and choose something you enjoy or you won’t want to continue.

3 Hydration – Water, water, water. If you’re dehydrated you’ll feel fatigued and thirst is also often mistaken for hunger so you eat more.

4 Supplements – Look at your vitamin intake, I would recommend a good multivitamin, omega 3 oils, calcium for the ladies to ward off osteoporosis and walks in the sun as sunlight increases vitamin D production.

5 Work out with a pal – If you have the support of family or a friend, you are more likely to keep at it and succeed.

6 Eat – Food boosts the metabolism, get lots of fruits and veggies, eat little and often, every two to three hours. Reduce your refined foods and make sure your plate is full of all sorts of different colours.

7 Detox – Every week or two give yourself a detox where you try to eat ‘clean’ for the day. That means natural juices, soups and salads which will boost your nutrients and get your digestive tract going. It will also reduce water levels so you’ll feel less bloated.

8 Lift weights – It’s not as scary as it sounds. For a rounded exercise programme, you need to work with weights or do resistance training using your own body weight. This builds lean muscle (not bulk) which, in turn, burns fat.

9 Lifestyle – For summer consider a holiday activity that’s going to carry on throughout the year such as biking, swimming or walking.

10 Relaxation – Working out’s important but so is chilling out so I would recommend meditation or yoga which will also help build flexibility.

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