Bahrain Meditation Centre

Danielle Doporto heads to Bahrain Meditation Centre to find inner peace

Bahrain Meditation Centre

The promise
This centre offers free English, Arabic and Hindi meditation classes so you can learn to still your mind and enter a state of consciousness. It aims to promote relaxation, build self-knowledge and develop traits such as compassion.

Step by step
I find all the entrance doors sitting ajar with adjacent shoe racks full of footwear. Yet, eerily, there isn’t a soul in sight. I call out a few times before a woman dressed all in white appears. She guides me to a darkened room, staying silent. Inside are rows of chairs, facing a small stage, but no people. The lady soon departs and leaves me listening to a CD of guided meditation, a soothing woman’s voice uttering platitudes about releasing fear. Towards the end of the session, and following a few minutes of listening to a skipping CD, a man slides in the door behind me. I hold out for a few more minutes until my half-hour is up and the soundtrack devolves into a banal woodwind number. I hastily retreat.

The result
The situation was vaguely reminiscent of a horror movie with comedic undertones. While I wouldn’t rule out trying one of the centre’s more organised courses in future with a friend, I won’t be sending anyone to a drop-in session.

The centre is vast and well-equipped for eager patrons.

I leave feeling more stressed than when I came.

Free (value by donation). Villa 530, Road 3513, Block 335, Umm Al Hassam (17 712 545).

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