Slimming spa therapy in Bahrain

Not a gym bunny but desperate to lose weight? Head to La Fontaine

Slimming spa therapy in Bahrain

For some (rather annoying) people, losing weight is simple – eat a bit less, take the stairs instead and all of a sudden they’re shedding pounds like nobody’s business. For many more of us, however, especially in the over-30 age group, it’s much harder than that to get rid of our pouches and wobbly bits. We would never advise you not to hit the gym or take a walk once in a while, but combining healthy habits with a bit of spa action could never be bad and so we scoured Bahrain’s salons for information on worthy slimming treatments. Along the way, we found out about the “Slimming Challenge Experience”, which is available at both Adliya’s Profile Beauty Centre and La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art & Spa.

It includes ten sessions of a lymphatic treatment using the Skin Tonic machine, based on the rolling massage technique, which is known to be an effective way to fight cellulite and reduce excess weight, as well as relax you. Then there are three sessions of a detox body wrap with body scrub such as the Physiolab Sudatonic+ which uses essential oils (thyme, lavender, lemon) and vegetable extracts (ivy, papaya, caffeine) to increase your metabolism and therefore allow you to burn more calories when you’re inactive. That’s followed by the double seaweed wrap and a three teas detox wrap that firms up the skin.
Finally, depending on where you choose to have your treatment, you can also get involved with one session of private Pilates or group yoga.
BD150. La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art & Spa, Hoora (17 230 123); Profile Beauty Centre, Osama Bin Zaid Avenue, Adliya (17 713 155).

Three more to try Slim down

Firming body wrap

A firming gel is massaged into your skin, followed by a blend of marine ingredients before your body is wrapped, and you’re massaged.
BD40 for one hour. Thalassa Sea & Spa, Sofitel (17 636 363).

Infrared Sauna

Pair a slimming treatment with a session in the Iyashi Dome. The infrared therapy raises your temperate and rids harmful toxins.
BD19 (add-on). Vie Lifestyle Lab, Domain (16 001 111).

Waist and tummy trim

This treatment helps you lose two inches and seven kilos in 45 days. It includes a massage, ‘body firmer’ programme and counselling.
BD55 per session. Zinj (17 404 354) and Isa Town (17 684 880).

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