Spa InterContinental in Bahrain

Matt Fortune gets Island Fever at the Spa InterContinental

The Promise
A traditional Malaysian Urut massage is combined with a soothing yoghurt body wrap. Many people say the main cause of ill health and lethargy is because of trapped air in the blood stream and veins. That’s where the Urut massage comes in, as it aims to release this using herbal oil and rhythmic pressure to ease tension, aches and pains.

Step by Step
The almond body wrap (yoghurt was unavailable) was less coarse than expected, applied with care rather than ferocity, while its smell was not overbearing, as it can be with similar treatments. Once showered off, it was the turn of the Malaysian Urut, a herbal oil-based treatment. There was certainly a rhythm to the therapist’s touch, seemingly pulsing along with the heart beat. Pressure varied, use of thumb, palm and elbow, too; it really was great.

The Result
Despite a positive experience at the hands of the therapist, the last few areas of the body were very notably rushed, a back-down-to-Earth-with-a-bump inducing crescendo. Overall, we left feeling no difference.

The massage is a real highlight of this treatment.

The troughs and peaks of an afternoon at this spa left us feeling less relaxed than when we started.
BD52 (90 mins). Regency Health Club, InterContinental Regency Hotel (1722 7777).

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