Reborn Spa in Bahrain

How effective is an ayurvedic massage at Reborn Spa in Bahrain

Reborn Spa in Bahrain

The Promise
The abhyangam ayurvedic massage is supposed to be very effective on obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, strengthening of muscles and removal of toxins, using this herbal oil. It is also said to cure rheumatism and reduce stress and anxiety.

Step by Step
We’re marched into a well-equipped, dimly lit treatment room and directed to don disposable underwear. The therapist warns us it’s a light massage and proceeds to rub warm oil into us, one side of the body at a time (as opposed to limb by limb). She covers all the bases – including our head, hands, face and feet – finishes up and quickly rushes out of the room again, not before she dazzles us with bright lights (and after we’re told to relax for five more minutes at least).

The Result
The oil makes our skin feel smooth and, post-massage, it’s hard not to feel more relaxed, but overall there isn’t much of a noticeable difference.

If this treatment really does do everything it promises to, then there are some serious benefits going on.

The benefits, however, are not particularly noticeable to us, and if you’re looking for a massage to release knots, because of the light pressure, book another massage technique in which you can choose how soft or hard it should be. The spa offers plenty.

BD30. Reborn Spa, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, Seef (17 111 980).

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