How to use Netflix Party in Bahrain

You can now watch movies on the popular streaming service with friends from afar

How to use Netflix Party in Bahrain

We don’t know about you, but whenever we’re watching a movie on Netflix we spend about half our time looking at our phones instead of the screen.

Rom-com, action, thriller… no matter the genre, we’re glued to our handsets. We can’t count the number of times we’ve had to pause and rewind a foreign language movie because we’ve forgotten we need to actually read the subtitles.

Luckily for us, the popular streaming service has launched a new feature titled Netflix Party, which allows us to watch our favourite TV shows and movies with our friends online.

The clever new addition synchronises video playback and adds a group chat to your Netflix shows, meaning you can discuss whatever you’re watching as you watch it with others - and you won’t need to check your phone.

It works across the globe (provided the film of choice is available on both Netflix versions, of course), so you can use it to catch up with friends from home, too.

The feature is only available on Google Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.

How to set up a Netflix Party

Visit and install the extension on your browser.

Once you and your friend(s) have the extension, go to Netflix and choose a movie. Hit play, then hit the NP button next to the address bar which should produce a link.

When they click on the link, they’ll need to hit the NP button too.

After this, a chat should pop up. You’ll be able to discuss the movie as you go along, and it will automatically pause when someone in the group does.

Enjoy the movie!

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