Corporate Animals

Corporate Animals


Comedy is hard to get right. It’s easy to push it and upset people with offensive and shocking material, but go too far the other way and you end up with lukewarm, lacklustre jokes that don’t land.

Corporate Animals falls into the latter category and while it’s not the worst film in the world, if we’re being honest, it isn’t very good either and it doesn’t deliver many big laughs at all.

The film follows the chief executive of an eco-friendly company Edible Materials, which makes cutlery that you can eat, who takes her employees on a team building exercise to boost morale in the workplace.

While Demi Moore, who plays the chief executive, nails the part of being an unlikeable leader, the film takes a wild meander as the team end up trapped underground during a caving trip. Trapped and with no sign of escape the group begin to consider human-shaped food sources as a survival solution and the comedy turns dark, with little pay off at the end.

Many of the jokes fall flat and some make us want to switch off entirely. Are we too woke and easily offended? We don’t think so, the gags are tone-deaf and in bad taste to say the least.

While trying to tackle themes that could be funny – the modern company trying to be eco-friendly, the egomaniac boss who’s out of touch and the mundane and cringeworthy team building tasks that have invaded the workplace – the film never really delivers on any of these themes.

Added to that,Corporate Animals doesn’t gain any momentum and we stumble along through the short feature waiting for something interesting to happen.

It never does.

If you’re looking for something to put on in the background when it hits streaming services in the future then this might be the right fit but we’re not sure it’s an invite your friends round and make popcorn film.

We’re sure some people will enjoy it but we’ll hold our praise for something more deserving. By Colin Armstrong

A dark comedy with few real laughs

Everyone likes getting popcorn right?

Patrick Brice

Oct 10

09 Oct 2019


Corporate Animals
DirectorPatrick Brice
CastingDemi Moore, Ed Helms, Jessica Williams