Preview: Black Water

Explosions, muscles and a hint of a story

d flexing muscles – there’s nothing quite like the stereotypical ’80s action movie. It’s an era modern films have tried to recapture time and again, and Black Water seems to be doing no different.

Who better to mix in with that special ’80s ingredient than the original universal soldiers themselves? Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lungren team up once again – this time they’re up against the CIA. Van Damme is a deep-cover operative who finds himself imprisoned on a retrofitted nuclear submarine. And Lungren? The trailer doesn’t show exactly what his role is, but expect him to come in guns blazing – finishing off the bad guys before making a snarky remark.

Audiences know these two action legends have still got it, with The Expendables trilogy and Amazon’s ludicrous but intriguing show Jean-Claude Van Johnson, but it’s the movie’s bland script and storyline that we’re worried about.

While the dynamic duo are sure to entertain with their throwback lines to older films and hardy experience of handling gun fights on screen, we can’t help but think Black Water should have been made in the ’80s.

The bottom line
Explosions, muscles and a hint of a story.


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