Your guide to Spectre

Meet Spectre’s supporting players

Your guide to Spectre

Ralph Fiennes takes on the tricky task of being Bond's boss in Spectre, with Judi Dench's predecessor having been offed by Javier Bardem in Skyfall. Unlike Dench, Fiennes claims his M, an ex-SAS officer, will get in on the action.

Naomi Harris returns as Moneypenny, with her real identity only having been revealed at the very end of Skyfall. Harris claims her character's history – a far cry from 007's – is what makes them respect each other.

Andrew Scott, whose brilliant Moriarty you may remember from TV's Sherlock Holmes, is C, a digital surveillance expert in MI5 who believes Bond, M and the whole of MI6's methods make them a bunch of dinosaurs.

Bond will meet Stephanie Sigman's mysterious Estrella in Mexico City's Day of the Dead festival, which forms the backdrop for the series' biggest ever pre-credits opening sequence that, we're promised, will echo classic 007.

Skyfall saw the return of the character Q after a ten-year hiatus following Desmond Llewelyn's death. And a one-time stint by John Cleese. Ben Wishaw's modern incarnation will in this movie go rogue to help Bond.

Madeleine Swann
Lea Seydoux, from 2013 Cannes darling Blue is the Warmest Colour, is a doctor with a secret. The secret? She is the daughter of Mr White, the Spectre bad guy we've already met in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

In classic Bond tradition, David Bautista – who played big old Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy – is here a henchman in the classic Jaws mould. Physically superior. Bound to get offed with a killer one-liner.

Lucia Sciarra
Who is Monica Bellucci’s enigma of a character? Almost certainly she is linked to Christoph Waltz’s evil genius, Franz Oberhauser, who may, if you look to the books, even be (sort of) related to James Bond himself…
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