A savage yet evolved slice of Swedish folk horror

Wit takes a back seat in this gruelling Uber-based action-comedy

An underwhelming remake of the Disney classic

The first film from Marvel after Endgame

A Beatles musical with a quirky plot

A likable, modern high school comedy

The suits are still sharp but that's about it, in an unnecessary update to the franchise

A homemade addition to the gang gives Pixar the opportunity to extend its trilogy

A franchise farewell that’s better than you might have expect

A enjoyment-free remake to be avoided

An epic slab of superheroics, Marvel's big finish earns its heaviness - it may even wreck you

Another The Conjuring spin-off movie

A charming animated tale starring the voice of Hugh Jackman

A thriller about online trading and power

A drama about a singer on a talent show

A young adult novel adapted for the big screen

A thriller from the man behind the gruelling Bone Tomahawk

An alien invasion movie with a twist


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