A charming tale of a real-life bankrobber

A true crime film about a major heist in London

A coming-of-age horror show

The franchise continues to deliver the goods

Schrader is back on familiar ground

Another action movie spoof with a bit of charm

A surprise sequel that picks up where the slow-burning original left off

Our two mite-sized heroes must take on an urgent mission that will uncover secrets from their past

A fun follow-up that will have us singing along

Potential to big a surprise summer hit

Daring and brutal, this film is a knockout


Based on a true story, Tag follows a group of classmates who’ve been playing, well, tag, for 30 years

Sylvester Stallone is back, and this time, he’s breaking a team mate out of a prison called Hades

In comparison to recent Marvel and DC films

A spread of special effects and youtful charm

The surprise superhero hit returns in style

Summer arrives early in the frenetic first chapter of Marvel’s cross-franchise concoction


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