A biopic of the final days of Judy Garland

A thriller about an environmental disaster

A real-life story of two driving greats

A feel-good Christmas movie centred around the music of George Michael

Movie review: Martin Scorsese gathers all the gangster greats in one place

The long-awaited sequel to The Shining

A comedy with a deep undertone

A colourful, sad story that comes good

A sequel a decade in the making

The return of a hugely popular Disney flick

A dark comedy with few real laughs

A sideways take on an iconic villain

A disappointing and graphic end to the series

A futuristic space movie with top visuals

A film about crooked cops and mobsters

An unusually thoughtful entry into kid-focused retro horror

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham save the world in a spin-off that gets the job done

A sequel that improves on the original


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