Third version of Snapchat Spectacles now on sale

The new model has a metal frame

Third version of Snapchat Spectacles now on sale
Third version of Snapchat Spectacles now on sale Image #2

Cameras hidden in sunglasses? It seems like a gadget Q would think up to help James Bond on a mission. But Q has not had a hand in the latest gadget gracing our pages and, to be honest, the caperas aren’t that well hidden. These are from Snap Inc. (a.k.a Snapchat).

While initially they seem a bit gimmicky, especially as pretty much everyone has a camera in their pockets, they have been succesful enough for Snapchat to roll out third iteration of them.

If you’ve always thought about becoming an  influencer and a fashionista at the same time, these glasses could make you see things (and record them) in a whole new light.

So, third time’s the charm?
The charm was already there, it just needed a little polishing up. With four microphones on the glasses for audio, 4GB of storage under the lens, which offers space for 100 videos or 1,200 photos, along with the ability to record videos at 60 frames per second (with a resolution of 1216 x 1216), these specs (in both senses of the word) pack a punch. Oh, and thankfully they’re much sturdier than the first two versions. 

Are we talking about flimsiness?
Previously they were plastic and a little flimsy, but the third version is made with metal frames to protect its two cameras, and comes in a semi-stylish carbon black or mineral rose gold with pink. Keeping them safe is a good thing, as the decond camera can take 3D pictures that work perfectly for Snapchat.

Final words?
Now you can say “hey, look over there!” and show your online pals exactly what you’re pointing out. Or, you know, try to be a spy.

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