Here's what you need to know about Digit the delivery robot

It's like a Black Mirror episode has come to life

Here's what you need to know about Digit the delivery robot
Here's what you need to know about Digit the delivery robot Image #2

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to head all the way down to the delivery room at work to fetch a package you might be disappointed by? (Is this too niche an analogy?) Of course it would, especially if an advanced humanoid delivery bot does it for us, which is exactly what AI-buddy Digit is.

Okay, the bipedal robot is definitely more suited for warehouses, telepresence and industrial inspection, but since US startup Agility Robotics has now put the robots on the market, with two already being sold by automaker Ford, is the possibility of an AI bringing us a tray of hot lattes completely out there? Surely not, seeing what Digit can do.

Are we talking T-800 kind of abilities?
No, and hopefully we never will be. Taking on the size of a small, adult human (minus the head), the Digit is able to navigate environments semi-autonomously with the help of LIDAR and other sensors, and it can carry boxes in its arms up to 40 pounds (18kg) in weight. While that’s great for those with an aching back, it’s also good for delivery. As Ford is currently testing out, Digit can be placed in the back of self-driving delivery vans and drop off packages in front of customers’ homes. The robot can navigate steep stairs and other obstacles.

So, can we order one in right now?
Technically, yes. But expect to pay Agility Robotics a price estimated to be in the lower six figures. Only six are currently made, but the start-up plan to make up to 30 more by the end of 2020.

Final words?
Finally something that can take the legwork out of going upstairs.

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