Check out this new supercar based on the Avatar movies

The Mercedes-Benz that no-one knew they needed

Check out this new supercar based on the Avatar movies

There are plenty of sci-fi movies that have futuristic vehicles just dying to be made into real-life cars and nokes (we’re thinking Blade Runner, Minority Report, even Tron), but we never thought we’d be seeing a Mercedes-Benz car inspired by Avatar? Don’t go anywhere just yet, because after unveiling it at CES, the German firm has released these renders and we’re hopelessly in love with it. What it has to do with Avatar (besides being blue) we don’t know. But we’re glad to see it. Here’s a bit more info.

Inspired by Avatar, you say?
Indeed, a question we asked ourselves. However, James Cameron’s epic about blue aliens with fashionably long tails fighting for their environment is all about sustainability and longevity – a major modern day topic. That’s what Vision AVTR (which stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation) is all about. Sure, it may be a little PR for the future Avatar saga coming over the next few years, but don’t expect it to replace the flying banshees – this vehicle is for the real-world.

Alright, what can this beast do exactly?
Electromobility is the name of the game, which makes the AVTR independent of fossil resources thanks to a high-voltage battery. It’s also equipped with advanced AI, which can sense the heartbeat and breathing patterns of its driver and passengers. It also has a combined engine power of more than 350kW, and each wheel can rotate 30-degrees, introducing “crab movement.” Mercedes-Benz’s words, not ours.

Final words?
Truth be told, it’s just a concept, but it doesn’t mean it won’t hit the streets, Avatar fans.

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