Why Alienware's Concept UFO could be the next great PC

The firm is taking on the market

Why Alienware's Concept UFO could be the next great PC
Why Alienware's Concept UFO could be the next great PC Image #2

Handheld gaming has been a hit since the ’80s, so designers are definitely on to something here, even though that “something” has already been done... And wildly successfully at that. With that in mind, it’s fairly clear what hardware company Alienware is getting at with its new gaming PC Concept UFO. But while it might seem familiar, it’s boasting some fairly beefy specs.

Competition for others on the market? Alienware may be playing with fire...
When it comes to ported titles, that’s where the UFO comes in – it’s a fully functional Windows 10 portable gaming PC, and that means it has the capability to play some heavy-duty games at smooth-as-butter FPS rates. Through demos available at CES 2020, including Rocket League, F1 2019 and Mortal Kombat 11, play really well. Albeit, not on the ultra settings that a high-spec PC can usually handle. Still, an impressive feat nonetheless.

How is it changing up the world of gaming?
Well, not too much, as it’s similar to others out there. There’s a main “head” unit, which has an eight-inch, 1200p display, two controllers which attach through a magnetic rail system, and a “hub” that acts as controller grip. Although, it also acts as a regular PC with ports for a mouse and keyboard. It’s a marvel – probably why it’s only in its concept stage.

Final words?
We’re up for trying this newcomer.

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