Game preview: One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

An invincible hero that can knock out his foes with one punch

Game preview: One Punch Man:  A Hero Nobody Knows

When Japanese Artist One brought the world a superhero so bored with life because he kept obliterating his foes in not even a normal punch, it was already a stretch. There’s overpowered characters, then there’s Saitama (a.k.a One Punch Man).

But the now booming anime series (bar season two...) skyrocketed because of the hilarious and epic scenarios he got himself into, along with the slew of other heros and villains that thought could take him on. Now, translating that into a stereotypical anime arena fighter?

He’s basically a walking cheat code, but developers Chunsoft have come up with a way to even the field.

True to his character, Saitama is a lazy and ditzy hero, meaning he forgets there’s a big showdown going on and shows up late.

That’s actually an in-game mechanic in A Hero Nobody Knows, a 3v3 arena fighter that pits some of the strongest and incredibly weak heroes and villains from the series.

Gamers can pick a team of three fighters to battle it out (think Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm or Marvel vs. Capcom) – nothing new there. Although, if they pick Saitama to be on their team, he’ll arrive late to the fight, meaning gamers will only have two fighters to begin with before he arrives on the scene.

It’s a smart mechanic that makes fights turn into a battle of time, but also one that may turn into a gimmick seeing how as soon as he arrives, you win. Especially seeing as there are more than 25 other quirky characters to play.

As far as arena fighters go, this mixes up the formula enough to make it stand out from the rest of the generic anime ones out there. Along with a create-you-own-hero story mode and other heros to master, this may be a knockout title.
Available February 27 on PS4, Xbox One, PC.

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