Why the Motorola razr is flipping great

The new mobile blends the old school with new technology 

Why the Motorola razr is flipping great
Why the Motorola razr is flipping great Image #2

Anyone want to buy a ’00s phone with a 2020 price tag attached to it? That’s what could be said of Motorola’s new release. However, the old flip phone has had something of an upgrade, not just a new lick of paint.

The old-school mobile (you know the one, cool kids) has had a shiny technological revamp, keeping in touch with the smartphone juggernauts and taking it a step further into the next generation. How so? With foldable screen technology. Finally, we can go back to whipping out our phones in style like Horatio Caine in CSI: Miami (with Won’t Get Fooled Again blasting from its speakers).

We can see those phone creases already...
Well, you shouldn’t, as its 6.2-inch plastic OLED unfoldable display screen is designed to withstand countless flippings. It is paper thin though, so don’t try snapping it back too hard. Motorola is so confident in its durability, however, that it says there’s no need to put a protective screen on it. More dirhams for us. Even more impressive, It’s impressive that the display that can screen HD films and the latest mobile games, too.

So, it can fold in half. But is that it?
Isn’t that enough? Well, if not. It also boasts a 16MP front-facing camera for those top selfies, a 2.7-inch glass-covered OLED display that shows notifications and acts as user’s music controls. But yeah, apart from those things, its mostly about the folding in half. You got us.

Final words?
We miss phone flipping, and the razr seems to satisfy that itch. It’s had a few delays already, but it’s finally set to release on March 3 for around Dhs5,500. Lets get flipping.

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