Frozen II

A sequel that surpasses (very high) expectations

Frozen II

Very few directors have managed to make a sequel live up to the original, and the expectations for Frozen II were sky high following the success of the original.

A number of reviews have been fairly scathing about the return of the royal sisters, but, watching it next to two little girls who are glued to the screen from start to finish (and they aren’t the only ones), we have to disagree with the majority.

What Jennifer Lee and her co-director Chris Buck get right is that instead of rehashing the 2013 film, and piling on complications involving Elsa’s ability to freeze everything with her fingertips, they start a new icy adventure.

All our favourite loveable characters are back bringing with them the same laugh out loud moments (and deep and meaningful observations) as they journey across the world to discover the origin for Elsa and her icy powers, which got somewhat brushed over in the original.

Olaf steals the show once again, with his throwaway one-liners that have even the more grown-up audience members in fits of giggles. When he tries to lighten Anna’s mood, the laughter could probably be heard in the corridor outside.

The quirky little snowman also serves as a timely reminder that we are all much older now than we were when Elsa and her gang first graced our big screens with his speeches to camera about being grown-up and things changing. It’s very poignant.

We know you’re wondering what song you will be forced to play in the car on an endless loop until what seems like the end of time. Well, we can tell you that Into the Unknown, which Elsa belts out before embarking on her journey, is your next ear worm.

What the kids say
The six-year-old
I was so excited to see this, I was literally counting down the days. I loved it more than the first one! All of the characters are back and Olaf is brilliant. I like that all of them are on an adventure together and it’s good to know where Elsa’s magic icy powers come from as in the first one we didn’t know. It’s a bit sad when they talk about their parents, but when Olaf calls us all old, it made me laugh. I wonder whether there will be a Frozen III. I hope so.

The four-year-old
Queen Elsa is so beautiful and she wears lots of different sparkly dresses in this film. I love her new song and we played it in the car straight after the film. Now we have two Elsa songs to listen to on the way to school.

Jennifer Lee and
Chris Buck

Thursday November 21

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