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Child fitness expert Farah Faraj shares some healthy living tips

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Childhood obesity is a huge heath problem in the region. Why should parents be worried?
A great worry is that, as a result of obesity, children will lose their self-confidence and self esteem and will have a poor image of themselves. At My Gym we are dedicated to reversing this dangerous trend by offering a fully-equipped facility along with an award-winning fitness programme to help children of all ages to believe in themselves and create the foundation for becoming healthy young adults.

What are the best ways to keep kids fit?
I believe, providing a programme where all the ingredients are safe, age-appropriate, optimal for building self-esteem and, above all, fun. All of which we offer at My Gym.

What constitutes a great children’s fitness regime?
It’s important that any fitness programme has a commitment from the teachers to nurture the children, and treat them with understanding and continuous positive reinforcement. They should also maintain a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere and, finally, they should make the experience of learning fun and exciting. In all My Gym branches worldwide this is the environment that exists.

At what age should kids start heading to the gym?
Our programmes at My Gym start from the age of six weeks! So the sooner parents feel comfortable bringing their children to us, the sooner we can help them see positive results in their children – from developing their social skills, physical strength and endurance, and flexibility to building confidence and leadership skills. The My Gym programmes cater to kids all the way up to 13 years.

Describe some of the activities offered at My Gym
This depends on the age of the children. For the younger children who are accompanied by their parents, our activities will include interactive songs, games, safe rides, unique swings, age-appropriate gymnastic skills, parent-and-child adventures, choreographed dances, puppets and other original activities. For our older, more independent kids, we work on strength, agility, flexibility, cardio, confidence, leadership, team spirit and self esteem as well as age-specific gymnastic skills, more complex games, relays, sports skills and various other activities.

What kind of supervision does the gym provide?
There is always someone present to ensure that the children are safe and enjoy their time at My Gym – whether it’s for a structured class or free play. There are two to three teachers conducting a class, whether it’s a parent-participation class for our youngest children or an independent class for our older children where no parents are present.

What is the cost of joining?
There is a one-time membership fee of BD35 and three-monthly session fees of BD96.

How can parents get in touch?
Call 17 566 566, email or visit

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