A family-friendly movie to watch with the kids

You can now start lessons two months before your 18th birthday

Educational institutions have been closed since February 26

Little Disney fans can discover games, activities, videos and more

Expert advice from a doctor about helping your kids understand what is happening

Only administrative and technical staff will continue performing their work at schools

The book uses child-friendly language to highlight the precautionary steps that kids can take to stay healthy

Study in all of Harry Potter's favourite classes

Teachers can use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for lessons

Joe Wicks will host the sessions at noon (AST)/1pm (GST) every day on his YouTube channel

Bahrain TV Channel 2 (sports channel) will broadcast eight hours of educational content a day

The decision was made at a Government Executive Committee meeting yesterday

Get the kids in the kitchen and whip up a tasty family feast

Bahrain Rocks is returning to Dilmun Club

Public and private schools, kindergartens and universities will reopen on March 29


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